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Quick Hits: June 25th, 2012


  • The King has finally been crowned. Lebron James and the Heat are the NBA Champions, leaving me all out of jokes. Seriously, now that Lebron has won it all I can’t make fun of him anymore. Delonte West totally banged his mom, though. Sorry, that one slipped out. 
  • The BCS system of the past is no more, as consensus has been reached on the need for a college football playoff. Now, instead of arguing about two teams with your family at Thanksgiving, you can argue about four teams!
  • Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant failed to stop Italy’s penalty kicks in Sunday’s Euro 2012 semifinal. As a result, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Germany are your Euro quarterfinalists. Or, as I like to call them, the Axis Powers Guest Starring Cristiano Ronaldo.

No comedy or music tidbits this week. Sorry. I just got back from vacation and it took everything in me to write the eight sentences above. I’ll be back tomorrow.

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